4-Ingredient Lemon Cream Cheese Dump Cake

You know we love all lemon desserts, and if they happen to be super easy to make, that’s even better! This lemon cream cheese dump cake basically checks all of our boxes. Fresh, citrusy flavor? Check. Cream cheese? Double check. Five ingredients or less that we can toss together and get in the oven in under 10 minutes. TRIPLE CHECK. There’s no wrong time for this dessert, so what are you waiting for? Raid your pantry and fridge and let’s get cooking.
So while these four ingredients basically just get added to your baking dish, there is a sort of finesse in regards to how they get added. Spread your lemon pie filling at the bottom of your dish, then top with half of your box cake mix. Next comes the interesting part; You’re going to want to cube your cream cheese and thinly slice your butter, so you get even coverage across your cake mix.
Once your pie filling is in, spread your cream cheese cubes evenly across the surface, then top with your remaining cake mix. After that, you take your thinly sliced butter and place that on top of the cake mix, making an effort to try and make a complete layer that covers most, if not all, of the top cake mix.
Your baking dish then goes into the oven and the cake bakes by having the melted butter seep down into the dry cake mix, keeping things moist and making everything delicious. Once it’s finished baking, you’ve got a sweet, tangy dessert that’s got pockets of cream cheese to go along with each bite of lemon goodness. If you’ve made any dump cakes before, you’ll know that you just have to trust in the magic of the process, ‘cause you better believe this stuff is really, ridiculously good!

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