A cup of expected and a whole mountain of delicious food is ready!

Using just flour! Just ten minutes! Everything is set, with a glass of yogurt and a pile of delicious food!

Do you long for taste yet find yourself lacking flour? An ideal alternative would be flourless cider. Designed using straightforward

gluten-free, tasty, and ready in under ten minutes with these few ingredients.

Recipe Items

– Two eggs

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• Sugar, 2 tablespoons

• A little salt

kefir, 250 milliliters

250 grams of semolina

• Soda, measuring one tablespoon

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• Fruit filling, such as apples

• Oil for frying

Get Ready

1. Start with making the dough:

• In a bowl, whisk together the eggs, sugar, salt, and vanilla.

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Stir in the kefir.

Combine with baking soda.

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