A product that makes things white.

Natural whitening agent: Only one tablespoon in the washing machine is sufficient for clean and bright white laundry!

When we wash our clothes, our main aim is to make them clean, smell good, and feel fresh. Some laundry whitening products can be too harsh and harmful to the environment. For instance, people often use bleach, which has many harmful chemicals. For this reason, it is important to find different natural ways to keep laundry white and clean all the time. Discover how.

Instead of using baking soda, you can use a similar product called percarbonate.

This product is great for making clothes whiter and is also eco-friendly, unlike bleach, so it’s safe for the environment. Add 1 tablespoon of percarbonate to the mixture.

Use liquid soap in your washing machine, select the hot water setting, and begin the wash cycle.
If the stains on white clothes are hard to remove, we suggest adding 2 tablespoons of percarbonate to make the laundry very white and good as new.The recipe is made up of 3 pages. You can view the rest of the recipe by clicking the button.

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