According to reports, Prince William is “beside himself” as Kate Middleton considers making a tragic choice with far-reaching effects

According to a shocking new report from RadarOnline, Kate Middleton is reportedly contemplating stepping down as a royal entirely.


Although the Princess of Wales has not yet made a decision, a source at the Palace allegedly informed The National Enquirer that being a princess has been quite taxing on her.

As a consequence, Kate continues to delay her ascension to the royal family. Following her “planned abdominal procedure” in January, she stepped away from the limelight.

Since Kate has been in recovery after surgery for so long—the palace first indicated that she wouldn’t return until Easter—there has been much concern about her health.

The combination of this and the Royal Family’s usual tight-lippedness on public matters has sparked widespread rumors, which the Palace has been attempting in vain to dispel.

This past weekend, many news outlets withdrew the first official portrait of Kate Middleton from circulation in commemoration of Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom, citing allegations that the photo had been “manipulated.” Nothing good came out of this for their purpose.


Even though Kate later admitted to herself doctoring the disputed photo, there are still enough unanswered questions about the Princess of Wales’ whereabouts and health over the past two months for very few to believe the Palace when they claim everything is fine.

Whatever the situation may be, the aforementioned RadarOnline article claims that Kate is considering completely abdicating her royal obligations, which has strained her marriage to Prince William, the heir presumptive.

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