After 10 years, mother returns to the abandoned home where she had left her one-year-old kid and discovers something that makes her cry

Over ten years ago, something terrible happened in Yaroslavl, a Russian City.

One day quite some time ago, a neighbor heard that a baby was crying in a house not far away, but at the time he didn’t think about it a whole lot and went back to his daily life.

In the days that proceeded, he noticed that the baby continued to cry inconsolably, even though no one had seen any signs of life from the house, there were never lights on or any sign of activity at all.

The neighbors really started to worry and called the police to investigate.
When the police got into the house it was derelict and empty, the people who had lived there before had taken all their things, cleared the house, and disappeared.

The only thing that was left in the house was their own little baby, how awful!

YouTube/РЕН ТВ. Новости
The little girl was one year old and they found her on a dirty cold floor all on her own for many days!!

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