Am I a Bad Mother for Kicking My Pregnant Daughter Out?


I was really taken aback! For some reason, I hadn’t considered that as an option. Rose was a baby herself, after all, and she was about to become a mother! I felt a wave of disappointment as I considered how drastically her life would alter.

I imagined all the things she would have to deal with now that she had to postpone her college degree.

I was concerned that, given what she and Nathan planned to accomplish, her schooling might have to be discontinued completely. Observing the anxiety in my gaze, my daughter comforted me:

“I understand that you wanted me to focus on securing my future, but Nathan and this baby play a major role in it.”

She assured me that everything will work out. I gave in to the happiness that greeted me when I realized I would soon be having a grandson! I stood up and congratulated her and Nathan while giving her a hug. Rose then withdrew and said:

“Well, I’m going to give you another surprise.”

She extended her left hand this time, and a ring was on her wedding ring finger!

“When he proposed to Mommy, I said yes!” The moment the waterworks began, I could see how concerned Nathan was about my kid and her future! I was ecstatic for my newborn daughter!

Even though I was hesitant, I couldn’t help but become enthusiastic in the days that followed. Their marriage and the birth of my first grandson were two reasons to be joyful! I let them live in my house since I was so involved in their lives.

Nathan set about building a strong foundation for his new family in the interim.

The fortunate couple was even given a special room in my home for the nursery. Decorating it with each other was a lot of fun! But one fateful afternoon, things in my modest, normally peaceful house took a drastic change.

I got home earlier than normal, carrying a lot of cheap stuff from the neighborhood store in my arms. I purchased items to get ready for the arrival of my grandchild. However, I had no idea that the tranquility of the day would soon crumble in front of me.

With a spring in my step, I entered the kitchen, only to be met by Rose. She was only wearing her pretty underwear. Her look of amazement matched the rhythm of my pounding heart, which seemed to see a problem before I did.

“Mum! How come you are going home so early? Rose’s voice wavered as she stammered.

“Baby, who are you talking to?” rang out from the hallway before I could respond in a deep, foreign voice. The informal closeness of the conversation made my stomach turn as I realized it wasn’t Nathan!


Rose had two steaming cups of coffee in her hands, and I finally noticed and let go of the diapers and other items. My hands are still shaking from what I witnessed that day.

“I thought I’d surprise you with these,” I exclaimed, raising my voice as I pointed to the mess at my feet. But apparently I’m the one who’s taken aback. With my heart racing, I stepped in the direction of the voice, ignoring Rose as she begged, “Mom, please, let me explain!”

Disregarding her, I pushed open the bedroom door and saw a man I didn’t know who was covered in the bedsheet Nathan’s mother had given him!

Rose, what’s going on here? With a steely voice, I demanded an answer that hung thick in the air. The man got to his feet, making an effort to look dignified, which just made me angry.

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