Cake Recipe Ready in Just 5 Minutes

Indulge in the wonderful sensation of a cake that almost dissolves in your tongue! This coveted recipe is going to

satisfy everyone’s want for more. Following the instructions in this post will allow you to create a moist

and a light and airy angel food cake that will blow everyone away. In just five simple steps, you may savor delectable tastes

few moments!


Recipe Items

The following items are required to make this mouth-watering treat:

– Six eggs

150 grams of sugar

– vanilla sugar, 5 grams


Fifty grams of flour

Sour cream, 300 grams

-Sugar, 70 grams

An eighth of a teaspoon of lemon juice

flour, 70 grams

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sugar, powdered (80 grams)

a 20-centimeter cake pan

100 grams of prince cookies

(1) powdered coconut

– dark chocolate

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Getting cakes ready

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