Chicken casserole with Parmesan cheese

Place the boneless chicken on a platter facing west. In only three easy steps, you may get an

The majority of people would rather not spend a lot of time cooking after a full day. What can we do to resolve this? UN

Delicious, simple to prepare, and bursting with flavor. An illustration of the Parmigiana Casserole recipe


It links the ease of preparation to the contemporary flavor of Italian dishes. With this recipe, enjoy an

Large dinners without laborious preparations or lengthy cooking times are perfect for

the evenings when one wishes for something quick and flavorful.

Four preparation minutes’ worth of calories

Preparation time: thirty minutes


Ten minutes and hours in total

Essential choices:

Four chicken papillon pits

A tablespoon and a half of panko pastry

100 milliliters of finely grated Parmesan 98 7, one quart of mozzarella tasse,

How :

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