Cooked this up for the fam last night and it was a total hit – plate was wiped clean!

Au gratin is a delightful culinary technique hailing from French cuisine, renowned for its golden, crusty top layer, usually made from breadcrumbs, cheese, or egg and butter. This Cheesy Ham and Potato au Gratin with Peas is a hearty dish that epitomizes comfort food with an elegant twist. Combining the smoky flavor of ham and the richness of cheese, it’s an excellent way to use up leftover ham while creating something that feels new and special. This dish is perfect for a warming family meal during those cooler seasons or when you want something satisfying and nourishing.
This versatile side dish pairs wonderfully with a simple green salad dressed in vinaigrette to balance the richness, or alongside a crisp sauvignon blanc that complements its creamy texture. For a more robust meal, serve with grilled chicken or fish. You might also consider a tangy coleslaw or steamed green beans to add a splash of color and freshness to your table.

Cheesy Ham and Potato au Gratin with Peas
Servings: 6

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