Family finds abandoned cat on the street – look closer and realize it’s not a regular kitten


The kitten had only been out of the womb for a few hours when the family found him, WFFT found. The organization’s experts were perplexed as to how a mother could have abandoned her newborn in such a way—unusual for the breed.


The unique cat quickly won over the family, who were given permission to keep it for a trial period. They chose to refer to him as Simba. The cat clearly felt a strong bond with the household.

The kitten’s mother was always on the family’s radar, since they imagined she would return at any moment to look for her young.

Regretfully, it never took place.

Instead, the family breastfed Simba, who went on to grow into a stunning fisher cat.


Fortunately, Simba is still alive and well as of right now, but it is crucial that he keeps growing.

Poaching and retaliation killing were the main reasons behind Thailand’s high 84% Fishing Cat mortality rate, according to the WFFT.


Therefore, Simba’s survival and rescue are not only miraculous, but also essential to the survival of his breed.

A video featuring more rescued kitties may be found here. These cats may not be fishermen, but they are still really adorable:

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