How Magic Custard Cake Works

A tasty treat called magic custard cake has taken the baking world by storm. This cake is

It’s one of a kind because, while it’s baking, it suddenly changes into three separate layers: a thick layer at the bottom,

a custard-like middle and a fluffy, light top. This post will talk about the important factors,

There are different kinds of magic custard cakes and a full recipe for making your own at home.

Things you need to make a magic custard cake
The secret to this cake’s three-layer look is in the easy but effective way the ingredients are mixed together:

Eggs give the look of layers structure and are necessary for it to work.

Granulated sugar makes the cake sweeter.

Butter makes things rich and juicy.

Adds taste with vanilla extract.

General-Purpose Flour: Gives the cake its shape.

Milk is the main thing that makes the custard layer.

To dust the cake’s top with powdered sugar.

How to Make Magic Custard Cake, Step by Step
You can make your own magic custard cake at home with this tried-and-true recipe:

What’s in it

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