I felt surprised when my daughter told me what she saw! Please read the entire story.

Both Dani and Nathan believed they were destined to be together when they first met in high school. They got married a few years later and were looking forward to a wonderful life together. But after only two years of being married, Nathan decided to make a change.


Dani wasn’t sure if the arrival of a new baby girl had caused the change. In the end, Nathan was a great dad, so it’s unlikely that this was the reason for his tough criticism of Dani.

He started to feel worried about how she looked and suggested that she should take better care of herself. “Dani, you have really stopped taking care of yourself,” he commented. “Always wearing such plain clothes.” Do you think that’s how you will keep the excitement alive?

Even though he was at home a lot and spent time with little Ellie, he still criticized her for not being a good mother.

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