I found hotel receipts in my husband’s car, revealing a painful truth — but karma dealt with him harshly

Derek has always been a representation of a loving husband and a dedicated father. He has always been there for his family. What’s most, he worked hard, sometimes overtime, in order to provide a life of luxury to his wife and children.

It happened every now and than that Derek needed to go out of town because of business, and his wife was supportive and took care of the kids while he was away.

One day, as his wife was cleaning his car, something he usually did himself, she stumbled upon some pieces of paper and some documents. Among them, there was a hotel receipt and it was from the time Derek said he would be doing business with some of his colleagues. This was strange, because the receipt was from a hotel placed at their hometown.

The wife thought to herself that there needed to be a logical explanation for that, but she wasn’t willing to confront her husband. However, that didn’t mean she wouldn’t inspect the matter any further.

The shock of seeing them so close and so personal was overwhelming.
Fueled by a rush of adrenaline, she emerged from the hiding spot and confronted them head-on. The expressions on their faces were a mosaic of shock, guilt, and fear—all laid bare. Derek faltered, attempting to offer an explanation, but she refused to listen to any of it.

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