Kathy Bates health: Actress ‘went berserk’ after diagnosis of ‘incurable’ condition

Her strong will helped her overcome the situation and be cancer free up until that moment when her doctor told her she was back on the start. She had cancer again. She wondered whether that would mean walking the same path of pain and suffering all over again.


After she learned she had breast cancer, she wasn’t that surprised because as she says, “breast cancer runs like a river in my family.” After she shared this with her followers, she opted for a double mastectomy in hopes of preventing it from spreading any further.

This time she decided to turn her tragedy into inspiration for other women. This brave lady didn’t lose her vibrant personality along the way and in one occasion she even joked saying, “I don’t miss my breasts as much as I miss Harry’s Law,” and thanked her fans for all the support they’ve provided during her tough times.

She did her best to replace the plate of sour green tomatoes her life served her with one of Fried Green Tomatoes instead, and we are lucky she did it.

Currently, Kathy Bates is cancer free, but the disease left her with a condition known as lymphedema which isn’t curable and affects around 30 percent of breast cancer survivors. It is a result of the removal of her lymph nodes. Unfortunately, she is experiencing pain and swelling that makes her feel uncomfortable.

“It’s a souvenir you definitely don’t want. I really felt that life was over for me. I probably wouldn’t work again, and I was angry for a long time.”

This whole experience made her speak about her condition publicly in hopes of inspiring other women to do regular check-ups and to know they are not alone in their battle. Bates also became an ambassador for the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN).

“I’m grateful my hardships have given me a purpose. Funny how that happens.”

Below is her interview where she gets brutally honest about what it feels like to face the battles she fought.

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