Man Saves Pennies For 45 Years and Rakes In a Fortune

He entered the bank while a dolly followed in his wake. Everyone looked at him at once when the sound of the coins was heard.

The coin master, Otha Anders, served as a supervisor for the Jackson School Board. He was the one to whom suspended children were sent, and they grew to love him.

Anders’s spouse and children were by his side throughout, but he had a somewhat dubious interest.

Something that began as a fun project developed into a passion, almost like an obsession.

Anders thinks that God is teaching him to be thankful with every penny he finds. He nearly always found a penny on the days he didn’t pray. He felt that was how God was directing him to express his gratitude.

Anders was a man of faith, thus he said prayers on the penny when most people would just wish for anything.


Anders told USA Today, “I came to believe that finding a dropped or lost penny was an extra God-given reminder reminding me to always be thankful.” “There have been days when I have neglected to pray, and almost without fail, a misplaced or dropped penny has appeared to remind me.”

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