Mix White Vinegar With Coca-Cola And You Won’t Believe What Happens!

Pour one cup of Coca-Cola down the clogged drain, followed by one cup of white vinegar. Allow the mixture to fizz and work its magic for about an hour. Follow with a pot of boiling water to flush the drain and clear any remaining debris.

Clean Toilets Effortlessly
Cleaning toilets is never fun, but this mixture can make the job much easier. The combination can remove stains and deodorize your toilet bowl effectively.

How to Use: Pour equal parts white vinegar and Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl, making sure to coat the sides as well. Let it sit for at least an hour (or overnight for tough stains). Scrub with a toilet brush and flush to reveal a sparkling clean toilet.


Mixing white vinegar with Coca-Cola might sound unusual, but the results speak for themselves. Whether you’re tackling tough stains, removing rust, unclogging drains, or cleaning toilets, this simple combination can be a game-changer in your cleaning routine. Give it a try and see the magic for yourself!

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