My Amish friend let me taste this dish, and I was hooked instantly!

Amish Coconut Cream Pie is a delightful, creamy dessert that has its roots in the traditional Amish kitchens. This velvety pie with its coconut-filled custard and fluffy whipped topping is a true comfort food. It’s perfect for family gatherings or any special occasion, and it’s surprisingly simple to make. If you have a sweet tooth and a soft spot for coconut, then this pie is sure to become a cherished recipe in your home.
This Amish Coconut Cream Pie pairs wonderfully with a hot cup of coffee or a refreshing glass of iced tea. For a complete dessert spread, you could serve it alongside fresh fruit, like berries or sliced bananas. The light, tropical flavor also goes well with a scoop of vanilla or coconut ice cream. If you’re thinking of a holiday meal, this pie is the perfect companion to a savory roast or a hearty stew.

Amish Coconut Cream Pie
Servings: 8


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