My daughter wants to put me in a nursing home to take my money. I decided to give her a life lesson

My daughter Anne has apparently gone completely insane, and I must inform you about it to my dear friends. I should be sent to a nursing facility like a piece of old furniture, in her opinion, just because I’m 90 years old. No house is ready for me yet; I have a long life ahead of me.

“If you’re not going to look after me, I’ll take care of myself,” I informed her bluntly. I plan to remain in my own home and employ a caretaker with the money I have saved.

Well, it really infuriated her! I now know that her plan all along was to steal my money. The failure of her little scheme has caused her to have a tantrum. An old item that can provide her money that she “urgently” wants is all I am to her.

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