My Son, 6, Kept Saying That a Ghost Follows Him – But What I Soon Discovered Was Even Worse


He murmured, “It’s the ghost, mommy,” in between sobbing. The one about whom I told you!” His assertion that she was the spirit that had been pursuing him alarmed me even more.

I was determined to find the source of his anxieties, so I made the decision to act. I installed a nanny cam in our living room the next day before I left for work in the hopes that it might provide some insight into what was going on when I wasn’t there. Although it was not an easy decision, I put my son’s comfort first when it came to home security.

The hours at work passed slowly until my phone’s nanny cam software alerted me to movements. With my heart racing, I watched the video, and to my complete surprise, there she was—the café waitress—glancing around our home as if it were her own. When panic struck, I hurried home from work to make sure Hudson was safe.

The house was strangely quiet when I got there, but Hudson was there, playing quietly as if the horror of the previous morning had never happened. It was a far cry from the mayhem I had anticipated. I returned to the nanny cam video, confused and in need of clarification.

This time, something even more startling caught my eye: my husband Mike showed there not long after the waitress did. They whispered urgently in hushed tones, their familiarity and secret piercing me like a knife.

I was stunned to learn of Mike’s conversation with the waitress—the embodiment of Hudson’s fears. What was happening? What relationship did she actually have with our family that I was unaware of? Who was she really?

That was an intensely emotional and enlightening day. Tension was in the air when Mike returned home that evening. The internal struggle inside of me became unbearable. I questioned Mike regarding the enigmatic woman in our house—the “ghost” that Hudson was afraid of—while he was securely playing in his room.

Mike’s face fell into a pit of remorse as I pressed for the information. There was a long pause before he admitted. Sarah, the waitress, is actually his daughter from a past relationship—a fact he only recently became aware of. Mike felt motivated to support Sarah during her difficult times, but he withheld this information from Hudson and me since he wasn’t sure how to break such important news.

The revelation that Sarah was, in fact, Hudson’s half-sister did little to calm my inner maelstrom. I felt duped. In addition to violating the sacredness of our house, Mike’s secrecy unintentionally scared our son. How could he not recognize the uncertainty and anxiety that would result from this?

Mike and I thought it was imperative to make everything clear to Hudson after having numerous lengthy discussions and doing some serious introspection. It was time for him to finally meet Sarah as his half-sister and a valued member of his family, rather than the enigmatic “ghost” he had been afraid of.

This afternoon, we sat down with Hudson, hearts a little wary. When we introduced Sarah, who had joined us, his first wariness was evident, full of apprehensive expectation. We told Hudson that Sarah was really the visitor—a ghost, if you will—trying to establish a connection with the family that she hardly knew.

Hudson clung to me at first, watching Sarah with interested eyes from under my arm’s protection. But I could feel his tension release as we spoke more about Sarah, reiterating

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