Oh man, I cooked this for a party, and it vanished before I knew it!

Ah, there’s something about the Southern kitchen that just feels like home, isn’t there? These Southern Mozzarella Biscuit Bombs are a delightful twist on a timeless classic. They combine the buttery flakiness of traditional biscuits with the cheesy goodness that the South does so well. Perfect for Sunday brunch with the grandkids or a cozy evening treat, these biscuit bombs bring back memories of those big family gatherings and the warmth that only home-cooked food can provide.
These delicious biscuit bombs pair wonderfully with a crisp garden salad or a bowl of creamy tomato soup. For a heartier Southern style meal, serve them alongside fried chicken and collard greens. And don’t forget a tall glass of sweet tea to wash it all down!

Southern Mozzarella Biscuit Bombs
Servings: 12

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