Rude Boss Insults a Beggar Outside the Office, Gets Punished by His Employees the Next Day – Story of the Day

Eric dismissed her efforts. “I need results, not dreams. Bring me something concrete. And one more thing, Lucretia. Never come into my office and sit around like this again. If you want to see me, you must schedule an appointment with my secretary. Understood?” He thought Lucretia would leave; instead, she stood her ground. “I’ve been waiting for you for two weeks, Mr. Stanton,” she said, sounding bolder.Eric had to admit, he liked this. He liked the change in her attitude – she was trying to stand up to him. He could count the number of people who stood up to him on one hand. But he also just wasn’t in the mood to deal with any of it. “Get your things and get out!” he demanded.As the door closed behind her, Eric sat with his feet on the table and took out his phone to browse the internet again. There were new articles about oracles that he wanted to read. Two of his old classmates had published their papers on the existence of oracles in ancient communities. “I should be the one exploring, researching, and publishing,” he said aloud, slamming his hand on the table.Eric continued reading through the day, only stopping to take two phone calls. He ignored every call and message sent through from his secretary. And left every email unread.When the day was finally over, he packed up his bag and left for the day. As he was leaving his office, Tennessee called out to him. “Oh, Mr. Stanton!” she said, jumping up from her desk. “Make it quick,” he said. “The office is out of coffee, and the water guys won’t come back and fill the water filters until our account has been paid.” “So?””Sir, the problem is that we ran out of coffee,” she said. “And the water supplier—” “Well then! If everybody wants to drink water, they must bring some from home. And as for the coffee, a recent study has shown that the average office loses two hours of productivity per day at the coffee machine.” Eric looked at her with his eyebrows raised. “Any questions?” “Yes!” s

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