Stepmother’s Cruel Move Backfires: Kicking Stepson Out Leads to Her Own Downfall

Stepmother Tries to Kick Her Stepson Out, Unaware She Would Soon Be on the Streets Herself — Story of the Day Marcus, a college student, comes home after a long day to find out, shockingly, that his stepmother needs him to move out in three days so she can get ready for a new baby. Marcus confronts his family out of fear and rage, learning of dark truths that change his role in their life.After working his part-time job, Marcus was exhausted when he got home. He was still a 19-year-old college student balancing job at a nearby video game store in the evenings with his schoolwork during the day.He struggled to keep up with his academics and would stay up late every night to do his coursework.

Marcus hadn’t intended to work until after graduation because he didn’t need to. Even though his stepmother Karen encouraged that he acquire a job, Tom, his father, made enough money to support him.Although she stated that it was to instill in him a sense of responsibility, Marcus was aware that Karen really just wanted him out of the house. He had little choice but to accept his father’s pressure to take a part-time job since he believed Karen.Marcus hoped for a quiet moment as he entered the home. Rather, Karen addressed him at the door right away.“Why do you arrive late? Did you forget that today was designated for cleaning? Karen’s voice pierced the atmosphere. Feeling the weight of the day, Marcus sighed. “I’m exhausted after a difficult day. Tomorrow, I’ll clean. Karen squinted her eyes. “Tomorrow? What do you mean? You must fulfill the obligations that you have to others.Marcus’s hands clenched, frustration rising. It’s your day off at home. Is cleaning really so difficult? Karen’s expression flushed. “How dare you talk to me in that manner!”His father entered the room due to the noise. “What is happening here?” Gazing between Marcus and Karen, Tom questioned.Karen crossed her arms and stated, “Marcus refuses to clean.” “I’m not turning down. Just now, I promised to clean tomorrow. Marcus tried to remain calm as he said, “I’m tired today. His dad gave Karen a quick glance. “See, Karen, tomorrow he’ll clean.”Though glad, Marcus was worn out. With nothing more in mind but to fall asleep, he turned to head to his room. “We have important news tonight, so don’t go anywhere,” his father called after him. Almost too tired to argue, Marcus nodded. He went to his room, collapsed onto his bed, and wondered what “important news” there might be while he stared at the ceiling.Before his father gently shook Marcus’s shoulder to wake him up, Marcus dozed off for approximately an hour. “Son, come downstairs. We must have a conversation.”

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