The 2 powerful techniques that you can apply at home to remove bleach stains

Dealing with bleach stains on clothing can be frustrating, but there are effective methods to restore your garments without having to discard them. This article explores two proven techniques that can help you salvage your favorite items.


Method 1: Alcohol and Vinegar Solution
Making the Solution
To create the solution, mix 250 ml of white vinegar with 250 ml of alcohol in a jar. This combination effectively neutralizes bleach stains and aids in their removal.


Application Process
Dabbing the Solution: Use a clean cloth to gently dab (not rub) the prepared solution onto the bleach stain after lightly dampening it. This prevents the stain from spreading further.
Rinsing: After applying the solution, rinse the affected clothing thoroughly in cold water to remove any residual stain and solution.
For stubborn stains, repeat the application process as necessary. Persistence is key to completely eliminating bleach stains from your garments.

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