The daughter asked the pianist to play, and the father started to sing.

Sometimes ordinary days can turn into unforgettable days. Such was the day for a man named Justin who visited the Disney resort with his daughter.When father and daughter were walking, the little girl saw a sitting pianist playing pleasant music. Suddenly, the girl thought whether her father would be able to sing to that music or not. The girl approached the pianist and asked him to play so that her father could sing.

Volunteer firefighter belts out Ave Maria at Disney World while his  daughter watches on | Daily Mail Online

The little one’s father had no choice but to make his daughter happy. Justin started singing and he sang “Ave Maria”.Justin had such a pleasant voice, which was in harmony with the music played by the pianist, that he attracted the attention of passers-by; Passers-by listen to Justin’s wonderful song absorbed and enchanted. One of the passers-by took this video, which appeared on the Internet and today we also have the opportunity to watch it.

Love: Justin often sings Lyla to sleep every night, and she also has a passion for singing

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