The pilot’s emotional reaction when he discovered why birds were flying alongside the plane

A man named Jason has been working as a pilot for many years. During the course of his career, he’s faced plenty of unexpected situations which required quick-thinking in order to be resolved.

One particular situation, however, made him a hero.

During a flight which had just taken place, the plane Jason operated was suddenly attacked by a colossal flock of birds that were creating bangs on the plane’s windows.

The sight was so unusual that it left Jason in a state of shock. However, knowing that the lives of the passengers were in his hands, he tried to find a way and escape the angry birds, which wasn’t as easy as he through it would.

As he tried to convince everyone on the flight that everything was going to be just right, he prayed that the birds don’t damage the engine.

Sadly, the birds were only getting more and more aggressive, leaving Jason wondering what to do next in order to get rid of them.

He called for flight control assistance but the control tower was silent.

Unable to maintain control of the plane, he made a decision to return to the airport but the attacks became even more aggressive that he was eventually forced to attempt a maneuver he had never tried before; water landing.

No matter how crazy that sounded, it was the only reasonable option that came to this pilot’s mind.

Despite the rough landing, no passenger was injured.

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