Unauthorized Release of Private Funeral Photo Involving Matthew Perry

Co-stars of Matthew Perry’s Friends were spotted comforting one another on Friday outside the church where the 54-year-old was buried.

Foursome Jennifer Aniston, 54; Lisa Kudrow, 60; Courteney Cox, 59; and David Schwimmer, 57, came at Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles ready to say their final farewell to Perry. They were all dressed somberly in black suits.

After the short, one-hour ceremony, Matt LeBlanc, 56, joined them outside the church, where they were photographed chatting with other well-wishers.

Jennifer Aniston (left), Courteney Cox (second left), David Schwimmer (center), Lisa Kudrow (second right) and Matt LeBlanc (far right) are seen on Friday at Matthew Perry's funeral

Along with his father John Perry, 82, his weeping mother Suzanne Morrison, 84, and stepfather Keith, a writer for Dateline, were present at the private celebration. One person carrying the coffin was Keith Morrison.

“Ms. Aniston was among the first to arrive,” an onlooker remarked. She remained solitary. This is a well-known meeting.

Across from Warner Bros Studios, where ten seasons of Friends were filmed, lies a cemetery that is the final resting place of a galaxy of Hollywood stars, including Bette Davis, Carrie Fisher, Buster Keaton, Michael Hutchence of INXS, Anne Heche, and Stan Laurel.

At Matthew Perry’s funeral on Friday, Jennifer Aniston (left), Courteney Cox (second left), David Schwimmer (middle), Lisa Kudrow (second right), and Matt LeBlanc (far right) are pictured.

Jennifer Aniston (at the back), Courteney Cox and David Schwimmer (center) and Lisa Kudrow (front) are seen on Friday at Forest Lawn Church of the Hills, in Los Angeles

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