Unofficial: Be Safe and Alert


Have you heard about the latest stories going around on the internet? Women are finding unexpected water bottles on their cars or discovering unfamiliar marks near their homes, which is worrying them. Videos that spread quickly online show possible strategies used by criminals who aim to abduct and exploit women. The code “1F” is thought to mean “one female,” using a water bottle to attract women out of their cars.



In a video, a woman is seen recording a car in a parking lot with a wire connected to the door handle. The caption says, “Is this a joke?” I hope no one gets kidnapped. Surprisingly, another car with a wire around its door handle is found.After watching these worrying videos, a man shared a TikTok video where he explained that placing a zip-tie, wire, or thread on a car door is a common trick used by people who want to kidnap women. He calls it “a very old trick.” The wire is wrapped around the handle to make it difficult to remove quickly, giving a chance for thieves and kidnappers to act.However, it is important to see things in the right way.


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