Baking garlic parmesan potato wedges is a quick and simple

Ketchup, as it is irreplaceable and the kids adore it. Chili sauce is another option.
Mixing rachi dressing with cheese is quite delicious.
I recommend trying the Chipotle ranch.
Yogurt topped with honey mustard Ranch.
My potato wedges aren’t crispy; what gives?

The potato wedges may be baked, but they may not be crispy. Prior to beginning the mixture and placing the wedges in the oven, be careful to fully drain the water. Paper towels are another option for drying them. Keep the wedges out of the water for as long as possible since they soak up moisture.

How about some baked potato wedges topped with parmesan?

This side will complement the majority of your dishes. Mostly eaten as a snack, it might also work as a light lunch on the go. Grilled chicken, steaks, and shellfish are all fair game. Additionally, you may prepare it with fried prawns, chicken tenders, burgers, sandwiches, or anything else you choose.

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