My future-wife’s bridesmaid sent me this picture of my wife and I cancelled the wedding

Jake was excited for their big day, as was his soon-to-be wife, Lily. But as their wedding day drew nearer, a mixture of nerves and excitement filled their hearts. They were the happiest couple in the planet just by thinking of each other’s lives. The enthusiasm only increased when they spent this unique day, the day they finally say “I do,” with their loved ones.

But behind Jack’s back, a cunning plan masterminded by Megan, Lily’s best friend and bridesmaid, was being carried out without his knowledge. It seems that Meghan harbored affections for Jake and found it intolerable that he and Lily were content. Enraged by envy, she attempted to sabotage their marriage by doing something that she thought would bring misfortune upon them.



One week before the wedding, Megan planned to email Jake a picture of Lily in her wedding gown on purpose in an attempt to plant the seeds of superstition and ruin their wonderful day. If they choose to go through with the marriage, this picture was a warning of approaching bad luck. The unexpected sight startled and unsettled Jake. He knew Meghan wasn’t good, but he couldn’t tell Lily anything because she had been Lily’s best friend since they were young.

Jake had to make the painful decision to call off the wedding because he felt that disobeying the superstition Megan had ingrained would have dire consequences. Lily was in complete shock and could not understand why Jake would suddenly call off their plans.


As the months went by, the once-inseparable Lily, Jake, and Megan began to drift away, their bond breaking down due to hurt and mistrust.

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