Fans gobsmacked after seeing Lionel Richie’s ‘different’ face

Despite the heartfelt content of Lionel’s message, online users were quick to focus on his appearance. Many wondered if he had altered his facial appearance through cosmetic procedures.

Credit: Entertainment Tonight / Instagram.

Comments flooded social media, with people expressing surprise and concern. One user wrote: “What did he do to his face.”

Another asked: “Did he do something to his face?”

Someone else added: “I will admit he does look a little different.”

Speculation about possible cosmetic surgery continued. “He needs to stop with the fillers,” one user commented, while another said: “Face looks strange.”

Credit: Entertainment Tonight / Instagram.

Such speculation is not uncommon in the entertainment industry, where many celebrities face pressure to maintain a youthful appearance. While some stars opt for plastic surgery, Lionel Richie has said that he prefers a more natural approach to anti-aging.

Lionel has highlighted the importance of healthy living, including adequate hydration, sufficient sleep, and moderate consumption of red meat. He also humorously credits his youthful appearance to a healthy sex life. Rejecting the idea of plastic surgery, Lionel told the Daily Mail: “God might not recognize me, so I want to make sure he knows me.”

Lionel Richie is undoubtedly bask in the bliss that comes with being a grandfather, unfazed by the online buzz about his appearance. Clearly, Lionel’s focus remains on his family and the exciting new chapter as a “Pop-pop” to his granddaughter!

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