Sarah’s eighteenth birthday celebration: An account of affection and surprises

The stepmom, unaware of what was going on, packed her belongings and put her inside Sarah’s car. On the way to their final destination, neither of them said anything. Eventually, Sarah was the first one to break the dead silence.

“You didn’t know that my father opened an account in my name when I was a child, where he saved money for my education. Since his death, I’ve also put all my money, from my part-time jobs and gifts, into this account. Now, there’s a large sum.”

Her stepmom turned to her, looking at her with confusion. “I understand. You’re an adult now, you have money and you don’t need me anymore. But why are you sending me so far away? You don’t want to see me at all?” she told Sarah.

But, as they pulled up in front of a quaint, beautiful house, the surprise Sarah had been keeping was finally ready to be unveiled.

“I will be spending some of this money on education,” she continued, pointing to the house. “At an Ivy League university in the city, we’re in now, where I have already been accepted. Do you see this house?”

“Yes,” the stepmom said in a quiet voice.

“I bought this house for you. There was enough money for everything. Now I will study here and you will live next door. We won’t have to be apart, and if you want, you can go back to our old house at any time, or we can return together after I finish my studies.”

Sarah’s stepmom couldn’t contain the tears of joy that started rolling down her face. “I love you, Sarah,” she said. “I love you, too,” Sarah replied.

As the two women embraced, they became even more certain that family isn’t always defined by blood.

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