What a tragedy! The whole country is mourning

In any case, sir, my spouse used to tell me that I had a behind capable of raising the dead from their graves. I wish to avoid taking any chances.
Isn’t that funny?
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The house in the little Missouri hamlet of Defiance blew up, killing two small children.

Because of the extreme weather, their school had canceled classes, so they were at home.

Before Julian Keiser, age four, and Jamison Keiser, age six, could escape their burning house near Highway 94, just outside of St. Louis, or be saved, they passed away early on Friday morning.

Their mother, Evelyn Turpiano, and grandparents, Jennifer and Vern Ham, were able to flee and reach safety, according to officials and a GoFundMe page.

The news source was informed by a neighbor, Sharon Oberlag, that “they were the nicest little boys.” “They thought school was the coolest thing ever, and they were so cute.”

Because their school had canceled lessons to protect the children from the cold, Jaiden, who had just started kindergarten, and Julian were at home when the bomb went off, she added.

Firefighters couldn’t reach the victims in time since the house was already on fire when they arrived.

According to New Melle Fire Protection District Chief Dan Casey, the smoke eaters entered via a window in search of the lads.

“The fire prevented them from being found right away,” Casey stated. Later, the boys’ bodies were discovered.

Oberlag reported to KMOV that she heard an explosion-like sound coming from the residence.

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