Wisconsin DQ puts up ‘politically incorrect’ sign, owner doesn’t back down

A sign spotted on the front window of a Dairy Queen restaurant in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, has caught the internet’s attention. The billboard boldly showcases the establishment’s commitment to what some may deem as politically incorrect, highlighting its frequent use of holiday greetings such as “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Easter,” and “God Bless America.”

Speaking to WDJT-TV, owner Kevin Scheunemann said he “felt the sign was appropriate to hang in terms of being transparent about the views of the owner and staff supporting God and country.”

The sign has been up for the last four years and it didn’t cause any problems until recently when a customer took a picture of it and complained about it.

The location’s owner, franchisee Kevin Scheunemann, told GoMN that “a student from Oregon” posted the photo of the sign on the official Dairy Queen Facebook page last Wednesday, triggering a huge thread of comments.

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