Woman shares a photo of chicken breast which was ‘spaghettified’

Alesia Cooper, a mother from Irving, Texas, shared a photo of some chicken breasts she bought because the moment she started preparing dinner the chicken shred into strands, looking like spaghetti, and she hoped someone could tell her what was wrong.

“I been debating on posting this but since I had to see it so do yall,” she wrote under the photo she posted online on March 21.

“I was cooking my kids dinner a couple of weeks ago and was cleaning my meat like I normally do and when I went back to start cooking it turned into this (SIC).” Cooper explained.

Stating that the meat was bought from the budget supermarket Aldi, Cooper further wrote, “lol I think it’s that fake meat but I’m not sure anyways…I ain’t made chicken off the bone since.”


As expected, the photo was commented on by people who raised their concerns and shared their theories.

“That’s lab grown chicken, it’s a new way they make chicken because of the last few years with the bird flu and resource shortages they didn’t have produce so last year they announced that they found a way to make chicken in a lab and that’s what’s in stores now,” one person wrote.

“Fake i don’t buy it anymore,” another commented.

“It’s not lab-grown meat or 3D printed meat. It comes from real chickens. The problem is when greedy chicken producers force-feed their chickens growth hormones so they grow way too fast,” someone else added.


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