Woman shares a photo of chicken breast which was ‘spaghettified’

As reported by Wall Street, the chicken breast look like this, or take a spaghetti like look, when breeders feed chicken chemicals in order to make them grow bigger.

“There is proof that these abnormalities are associated with fast-growing birds,” said Dr. Massimiliano Petracci, an agriculture and food science professor at the University of Bologna in Italy.

Back in the day, it would take chicken to reach 2.5 pounds market weight in 112 days, and in recent years, chickens reach the market weight of 5.03 pounds in average in 47 days.

“If people keep eating more and more chicken, chickens will probably have to get even bigger…We’ll have to increase the proportion of breast meat in each bird, too.” said Dr. Michael Lilburn, a professor at Ohio State University’s Poultry Research Center.


“What people don’t realize is that it’s consumer demand that’s forcing the industry to adjust,” Lilburn said of the increased consumption of various chicken products such as chicken nuggets, wings, and sandwiches.

“It’s a deceivingly small but vocal minority that are raising a lot of legitimate questions. The bulk of the U.S. population still doesn’t care where their food comes from, as long as its cheap,” Liburn added.

We truly need to mind what we consume for the sake of our and our children’s health.

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