Woman tries grandmother’s 1950s honeymoon wardrobe and people can’t believe how good it is

Having a classic sense of style means your clothes stay fashionable for years. This is perfectly shown by Maddy Bill, a 27-year-old from Ambler, Pennsylvania. She shared a special TikTok video featuring a gift from her 91-year-old grandmother, Marie D’Alessandro Donato. The gift was a suitcase filled with dresses Marie wore on her 1952 honeymoon to New York with her late husband, Anthony James Donato.



Marie carefully preserved these clothes so her children and grandchildren could cherish them. “I’ve known about this suitcase since I was a kid,” Maddy said. “When I finally saw it, I thought, ‘This is amazing!’ It brought back so many memories, especially of my grandfather who passed away 21 years ago.”

In 1952, the Donatos married and went on their honeymoon in New York City, visiting iconic spots like The New Yorker Hotel. Marie lovingly called Anthony “honey” and treasured their time together, dreaming of starting a family.

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